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Hey Xheads, 4XistenZ Newsbreak here!


We are about to finish our graphics for our upcoming merchandise ,be prepared!

4X is in production right now – we are on the way to record our 2nd Album!

Drum recording starts in a few weeks and we are excited as ever how the new stuff will sound.

New Photo`s are online(facebook) from the Photoshoot in October 2013 – made by Sandra Raffer.




We will keep you up to date with a little recording special on our 4XistenZ Weekly show. (we know, we are delayed^^)


stay brutal


4XistenZ ready to party

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Dear Xheads,

After a long time in the depths of our torture room we are ready for a fresh start with kitty, stöph, Andi and that guy behind the drums. As you might have been noticing, it took us a long time to recover from our past state of the band, so we are proud to be with you again. Our goal for the next time: Gigs, Gigs, Gigs.

Photoshoot 2013

News Photos are available at facebook, check it out ;)

4XistenZ Weekly

Every week we`ll be uploading an episode of 4XistenZ Weekly so that you guys and girls know exactly whats going on in X world. Also, its a tool to keep our drummer busy because he can be a pain in the ass when he is getting bored.

Week one is currently watchable here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RuWTHqINf4

Week two has just been completed and will be uploaded shortly ;)


Coming up next: merchandise(hopefully), shows , and the new album.


Hope to see you soon

Stay Brutal,




4XistenZ in Style

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Dear Xheads,

We finally have the new photo`s from our photoshoot in 2012. Feel free to browse and feast your eyes on the subliminal greatness that is 4XistenZ :D

Enough of worshipping – WHATS NEW?

More and more songs are on their way into the heads of Bass, Guitar and Drums which are currently working on high speed in the studio to finish their work for the upcoming preproduction   of our new album.

Our DJ Lokilicious is currently on the run for his DJ setup show on 15.03.2012 in Havanna in Klagenfurt – dont miss him!

We are on our way to finish our recording of the song “God Forsaken” for Olaf Ittenbach`s movie ‘God Forsaken’ in the next 2 months, so that our sound gets you in the right mood at the theatres.

COMING UP NEXT – 4XistenZ T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Sex Toys and other merchandise. stay tuned!

Stay Brutal,


Vocalist = Check!

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Dear Xheads, we are proud to announce that 4XistenZ is made whole again.

We have female reinforcements for you all! After decent try outs with a lot of male and female vocalists, jessica witschnig seemed like the perfect fit for the job.

Be prepared for a wall of attitude and female voice crushing your spine from top of the stage ;) (want to know more about her? Check the Band section!)

We are also proud to present that we are finally on the last road of recording “God Forsaken” for Olaf Ittenbach`s Movie God Forsaken and will be presenting our Studio Diary shortly, so stay tuned!

We all wish you Xheads as much fun with Jessy as we have and see you on stage!

Stay brutal and Merry fucking Xmas, ;)




God Forsaken and 4XistenZ

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Dear Xheads,

we are currently working on Songs for a Filmproject from Film Icone Olaf Ittenbach!

For the necessary Vibes we brought back our old Friend and Vocalist Matthias Motschiunig which was merely happy to assist us in this purpose to make the sounds even greater.

We are therefore working together with the Soundtrack Producer and will give our best to make you Xheads shake as you ‘bear the consequences of your wish’ ;-)

Stay Brutal, 4XistenZ

Crafting new Tunes

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4XistenZ have a new Member! After some talking through and decent try outs, we decided that DJ Lokilicious is a worthy opponent for u guys. He inserts his Scratches, Grooves, Samples and Synths into the brutal smashing sound of 4XistenZ and makes it even more likely to dance or MOSH to. Your gonna like it ;)

The Final months have arrived where we decide which Frontman/woman we choose of the ones we tried out allready, so keep in mind to get in touch with us in the next months or you won`t get your chance!

if you think you have what it takes, get in contact: 4xistenz@gmx.at or the mood machines number: 0664/1671776

Stay tuned, and stay brutal,


4XistenZ on a new Path

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After a long search 4XistenZ finally has a new Guitar Player! We hope the Xheads will welcome Andi the mood machine as we do and have their Fun with him…as we have…

We are currently working on the second Album, which is nearly done – so we are searching for a Vocalist that has the guts and motivation to play with 4XistenZ.

You think you got what it takes to be a frontman/women? Send an email to 4xistenz@gmx.at ,and maybe we`ll see each other soon in the studio ;)

Until then, STAY BRUTAL !

4XistenZ + 2 more days + Cold Snap

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Thank you thank you thank you,

The Gig in Escape Metalcorner in Vienna went well, we thank the guys from 2 more Days and Cold Snap for the good atmosphere and the great music and hope to stay in touch with all of the other Xheads out there in Vienna.

Hopefully, well see you in Escape Metalcorner on 15.06.2012.

Our Bass Player still needs a nickname, and we are still waiting for our new approvals for the Summer Festivals.

Until then, Stay Brutal!!!!!





4XistenZ – New Gigs

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Hey Xheads,

We like to announce that we play in Vienna at Escape – Metalcorner for 2 Gigs in the next time, check out the LIVE Section or Facebook for near Information.

We will also present some of our new songs at the time, so get your asses up and be there!


P.S.: Our Bass player sill needs a nick name, we are having some discussions about Names like “Bombaman” or “Enflamer”, so keep up the Ideas!


4XistenZ – more brutal, more groovin`

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Thank you for tuning in on Radio AGORA 105,5 on Sunday 22:00 o`clock.

The boys and girls which won a CD will be contacted shortly after we get all the information we need to send you a free 4XistenZ – I demand Extinction CD.

Weekend open its doors and we are currently working on new, harder and more brutal songs in our studio. The second Album is on its way to XistenZ and the first musicvideo in it`s final stage.

Stay tuned for more action until the new Musicvideo and upcoming Shows make their way through our rows and stay brutal!!!!


PS.: Do not forget to subscribe our Facebook page – our bass player needs a nickname! Kick on your brain and give us some notions!!