In september 2007 at the time guitarist Florian Bacher and Bass Player Stephan Truck, both playing in a band called Midnight sun wanted to form a new band. More aggressive, less melodic and more groovy than Midnight Sun. That was the birth of the idea behind 4XistenZ.

As the search for other band members went on, luckily Stephan knew the perfect drummer who would bring the required aggressiveness and grooviness into the band, since he played with him before. His name was Gernot Jerger and he is the current drummer of 4XistenZ who has proofed to be the perfect man for this job. With this part assigned only the vocalist had to be found so Florian made a long shot and suggested Matthias Motschiunig who had never sung or even played in a band but as it turned out Motte was very talented and got the vocalist for 4XistenZ.

So much for the founding of 4XistenZ.

After nearly 5 Years of intense groovin` Death Metal, lot of Gigs and the first Album – differences in the Band occured. After further discussion and debate about the goals of the band and the meaning of it, Motte and Flo chose to make their own way of music somewhere else and left the Band. The whole Situation was very desolate and it was a hard decision for all of us.

Since June 2012, Gernot and Stephan searched for a new Guitar Player and Vocalist. After some try outs with certain guitar players ,they found the perfect match for this spot with Andreas Zissernig. Perfectly flowing with the vibe of the music ,talented and also motivated to become a proper Guitar player,  he chose to be one of 4XistenZ.

Months went by with more and more auditions with vocalists until January 2014 were we sat down with Motte and talked about the past and what`s up with the band now.  After a few auditions with him, it was clear that he got what we needed, for now. 4XistenZ got its Voice back.