4XistenZ in Style

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Dear Xheads,

We finally have the new photo`s from our photoshoot in 2012. Feel free to browse and feast your eyes on the subliminal greatness that is 4XistenZ :D

Enough of worshipping – WHATS NEW?

More and more songs are on their way into the heads of Bass, Guitar and Drums which are currently working on high speed in the studio to finish their work for the upcoming preproduction   of our new album.

Our DJ Lokilicious is currently on the run for his DJ setup show on 15.03.2012 in Havanna in Klagenfurt – dont miss him!

We are on our way to finish our recording of the song “God Forsaken” for Olaf Ittenbach`s movie ‘God Forsaken’ in the next 2 months, so that our sound gets you in the right mood at the theatres.

COMING UP NEXT – 4XistenZ T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Sex Toys and other merchandise. stay tuned!

Stay Brutal,


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