The 4X Crew in Action

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The 4X Crew

Furious New Year Xheads!

After a powerful gig in Klfg. at the Local Heroes Bandcontest in the Stereo Club we are currently working on our Musicvideo with Matthias Baumert from Mb-Films. New Pictures will be available soon in the Gallery Section.

Furthermore we like to announce that we registered in the Contest for the Wacken metalbattle and we are currently subscribed for the hell over fellach festival. Right on time for the winter season and the upcoming spring we got a whole new bunch of songs in our stock and also settled the idea of making a second album produced by us and the guys of ok-records.

So be prepared for a new year of destruction, madness and brutal groovin death metal tones.

Quote: “if i get a tattoo on my body that says ’4XistenZ’, it means 100% aggression crushing head on your face.” (Madness – Vox@4XistenZ)

Newest Youtube video of 4XistenZ: Check it out!

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